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Do Legal Drafting + Research
in minutes, not days.

Powered by the latest AI technology
Save 23+ hours per week
Get expertly drafted legal documents in minutes
Get most accurate legal research done in minutes
"ChatGPT for law but much more accurate and reliable"
Trusted by over 5,893+ legal professionals 
No credit card required
Free trial included
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What our community says about us

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Advocate Moomal Joshi

"I have not found better and more accurate case search functionality anywhere else. The drafting is also top-notch, this is a must in every lawyer's arsenal! "


Advocate Sidak Kalra

"I have prepared several rejoinders using the AI based counter reply functionality, it has worked really well. Can't wait for all the upcoming tools."


Advocate Arundhati Kale

"I have been using it for 3 weeks now, I am really impressed with the summarisation function as well as the automatic drafting based on just inputting facts. Crazy tech!"

A simpler solution

Accurate, Reliable and Secure.

Draft Bot Pro is the only legal application you'll ever need.

AI Legal Drafting

  • Start a Draft by uploading a reference pdf/doc file or typing and specifying which document you would like to draft 

  • Add facts of the case, change the tone, add clauses, add specifics etc. 

  • Edit the final draft in our editing tool and download it in word format

gif dbp counter affidavit.gif

Upload a Document

  • Ask questions about it

  • Ask the bot to prepare any legal document based on it like appeal, reply or a counter.

  • Ask the bot to summarise it or present key points

  • Ask the bot to explain it in easy to understand language

gif dbp counter affidavit.gif

AI Legal Research

  • Go through wholistic legal research including case laws, legal provisions and more related to your case in the "Research" tab, automatically fetched based on what you are drafting.

  • Also find the most accurate cases by asking Draft Bot Pro to find cases for you.

  • Does not make up citations

dbp writ.gif

Ask Questions

  • Ask the bot any questions related to your document or legal provisions

  • Understand legal terms, methods and principles just by asking

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Who are we

Why Draft Bot Pro


To do drafting & legal research manually you need:

  • To be an expert (have 10+ years of experience at least)

  • Have loads of time (17+ hours at least)

  • Access to all of primary and secondary data (books, guides etc.)

  • Knowledge of all formats

  • Deep expertise of all areas of law

Total : 10+ years of experience & 17+ hours of time

To do drafting & legal research using Draft Bot Pro

  • To talk to it like a friend and get all of this done in minutes for you.

Total : 1 hour of your time

Who are we

How Draft Bot Pro can help you

If you are a lawyer at 

✅ Upload a reference document like impugned judgments, case notes etc. and ask Draft Bot Pro to prepare a counter, reply, writ petition etc. based on it.

✅ Upload a document and ask Draft Bot Pro to summarise a document and ask questions about it, prepare notes etc.

✅ Go through most accurate legal research automatically fetched based on your drafting input or do it by telling Draft Bot Pro the facts of your matter.


We've really revolutionised
legal drafting and research.

Save 70% of your time with the latest AI tool for legal professionals.

Yes, it really takes a few seconds to do both.

In our 40 years of experience, we've found that legal drafting and research can make or break a case but due to traditional applications, it's so tough to do both.

While using traditional applications, we routinely get

  • Inaccurate results

  • Spend days making a draft

  • Spend 1-2 weeks finalising a draft

  • Spend a lot of money subscribing to different services

Draft Bot Pro has allowed us to finalise a draft from scratch to ready for filing in a day.

We just have to give one prompt about our matter and we get a draft and legal research done in seconds for us. 

It's really magic.

Testimonials Anchor

Get more clients.

Stop wasting hours on drafting documents from scratch. Dramatically increase your efficiency and spend your precious time elsewhere.


Draft highly specialised documents with ease.

Don't be limited to a few templates. Simply explain your matter to our bot and get a draft in seconds, specific to your needs.

Access cutting edge tools.

Get a huge advantage over your competition.  Draft Bot Pro is an ever expanding suite of tools like our Draft Bot and upcoming tools included in your subscription like Lex Analyse Bot, Counter Bot and more.


Draft Bot Pro users have seen


reduction in review time.

cost saved than traditional manners.


Who are we

Draft Bot Pro vs Other Apps

✅ Does accurate legal drafting unlike ChatGPT

✅ Does more accurate legal research than SCC Online

✅ Does not make up cases unlike ChatGPT

✅ Is built for India unlike Spotdraft

✅ Is developed by lawyers, for lawyers unlike most other applications

#1 AI Legal Drafting & Research App

How it works

How it works anchor

Step 1

Untitled design.gif

Tell the bot what you want to draft along with some facts or specifics.

Draft Bot Pro can create thousands of highly specific documents based on our proprietary technology.

Step 2

dbp fill detail final.gif

Fill details by clicking on the button "Fill Details"

Step 3

dbp fill detail final (1).gif

Go through the live changes as you fill details

Step 4


Step 5

Untitled design (1).gif

Step 6

Untitled design (2).gif

Click on the "Research" tab to go through the most accurate legal research based on the facts of your case including Legal Provisions, Landmark Judgments, Similar Judgments, Recent Judgments and Further Research, all at once.

You can also ask the bot questions about the draft or general law if you come across any doubts

If you want to make the language different, add other clauses, other specifics, simply tell the bot to do so

Step 7

dbp fill detail final (3).gif

Continue to edit the document in our editing tool.

This allows you to finalise the document, add case laws or other specifics if needed and download the final draft.

Step 8

Untitled design (3).gif

Go through the draft and download as word file

What all can it draft?

What can it draft

It can draft documents related to

  • Adoption 

  • Affidavits

  • Agreements

  • Applications

  • Appointment

  • Apprenticeship

  • Arbitration

  • Assignment

  • Banking

  • Bond

  • Child Custody

  • Civil Pleadings

  • Company Documents

  • Composition Deed

  • Consumer Protection

  • Conveyancing

  • Copyright

  • Criminal Pleadings

  • Easements

  • Exchange

  • Franchisee

  • Gift

  • GST

  • Guarantee

  • Hindu Marriage Act

  • Hire - Purchase

  • Income Tax

  • Indemnity

  • Information Tech

  • Infrastructure

  • Intellectual Property

  • Labour

  • Lease Financing

  • Matrimonial

  • Medical Forms

  • MOU

  • Misc. Deeds

  • Mortgage

  • Motor Vehicle Act

  • Negotiable Instrument

  • Notice

  • Partition

  • Partnership

  • Plaint

and many more.

Who We Are

We are an Indian Legal Tech company and the proud creators of Law Bot Pro, India's leading AI powered legal research app with over 327,000 users and counting.

Who Is This For

Legal Professionals.
If you need to draft any document ranging from employee contract to a complex will from scratch, we've got you covered.


Our proprietary AI based technology allows you to draft highly specialised documents in seconds, edit it and then download it. 

Our intuitive Legal Research gives you the most accurate cases pertaining to your matter.

Enjoy Enterprise-Grade Security

Draft Bot Pro is built with security at its core and is compliant with the leading security guidelines - SOC 2, AES-256 and TLS1.2+ ​

More Features


Draft History

All of your drafts get saved in our history panel which you can use to easily navigate between all your past work.


 Customer Support

We're here to help you get started and answer all of your queries via chat.

Upcoming Features

We're constantly upgrading Draft Bot Pro. Here is a list of what's coming soon.

Lex Analyse Bot


Lex Analyse Bot is the most powerful analysing tool coming up as a part of your Draft Bot Pro subscription. It does all the analysing functions of Draft Bot Pro also allowing you to view the uploaded document in a side-by-side manner.

File Management

Easily sort through all your past projects with our powerful search.

Find your drafts and research based on the type of document, what's written in it, file name etc.


Soon to be included with your Draft Bot Pro subscription, an intuitive bot which proof reads your draft.

and many more.

  • What is Draft Bot Pro?
    Draft Bot Pro is a solution to replace two most important, time-consuming yet mundane task - Drafting & Legal Research. Our suite of tools inside Draft Bot Pro give you a disproportionate advantage over your competitors by helping you in drafting, legal research or analysing any document from scratch within seconds and enabling you to spend your precious time elsewhere. Draft Bot Pro reduces your draft review rate by 70% and reduces costs by around 90% It is simply the most needed, robust and important tool in your journey - either as a legal professional, a company or an individual.
  • Is Draft Bot Pro for me?
    Draft Bot Pro's workflow and processes have been built by lawyers, who have scrutinised each document carefully. We carefully understood the issues present while dealing with all sorts of documents and built a full-fledged solution to tackle them. If you : 1. Want to save a lot of your time 2. Want to reduce your document costs 3. Want to do legal research in the easiest manner and get the most accurate results 4. Want to fully understand any document 5. Want an easy to use solution to drafting Then Draft Bot Pro is for you. We are serving legal professionals, companies and individuals who have drafting and legal research needs and present an end-to-end solution.
  • I have a problem and I do not know what to do about it, how can Draft Bot Pro help me?
    Many of our users don't understand what sort of a document they may need to solve a particular situation. Maybe it's a legal notice, maybe it's a reply. This is why in Draft Bot Pro, we have integrated Law Bot Pro. Just ask a doubt about your situation to Draft Bot Pro and it will give you an answer regarding how to solve your situation, what is the type of document you need to draft and what is the procedure for doing so. We've made Draft Bot Pro easy to be used by beginners and professionals alike.
  • How do I start a new Draft?
    Once you know which document you want to draft, simply go to the "Start a new Draft" page in Draft Bot Pro and tell it : Which document you want to draft and, The specifics of that document. Draft Bot Pro, using our proprietary technology, will give you two things with just one prompt : 1. A preliminary draft so that you can view it and make changes to it in real-time. 2. Legal research in the "Research" tab While drafting, if you have not given complete information to the bot, you can add other specifics or clauses, and then click on "Submit" where it will re-draft it and then present the document in an editable manner.
  • What is Lex Analyse Bot?
    We know analysing or summarising 100's of pages of a document is a tough task. That's why we made Lex Analyse Bot. It allows you to : Summarise any document or text Keep a track of key points Convert tough language of the document into easy to understand language Ask it any question related to the document - like your personal assistant. Throughout all of our feedback, we've understood the immense need for something like this and we're proud to present it as a part of Draft Bot Pro.
  • What is the Draft Bot Pro (Beta) Program?
    The Draft Bot Pro (Beta) program allows you to use Draft Bot Pro at a discounted rate of Rs. 799/month as opposed to Rs. 1,499/month which will be the price at launch. We are running the beta program to understand your needs better and to gather your valuable feedback. In exchange for your support, we will honour the Rs. 799/month price for 1 year after launch.
  • Is my data or my clients data private and secure?
    Yes, Draft Bot Pro secures all data within each session - • No data is accessible to us. • We do not train on your data. • Draft Bot Pro is SOC 2, AES-256 and TLS1.2+ compliant. So your data, or anything that you write in any session is only accessible to you and is not used to train our models.
  • How accurate is Draft Bot Pro?
    Draft Bot Pro is more accurate than other AI applications since it is specifically built for Indian Laws. However, no AI is 100% accurate. We are continuously increasing our accuracy levels across legal drafting & research and finding unique solutions to tackling the issues which plague AI as a technology. Rest assured, Draft Bot Pro continues to offer higher accuracy than other applications.
  • Do you offer free trials?
    Yes. We want you to experience the most revolutionary way of Drafting and doing Legal Research for free. We offer free 2,500 words to you so that you can use all of the features and understand how Draft Bot Pro can change your workflow for the better. Tasks that used to take days, now take minutes.
  • What's the commitment?
    You can cancel your plan anytime if you feel that Draft Bot Pro is not helping you. For monthly plans - We offer a refund of 50% of your payment if cancelled within 05 days of purchase. For any cancellations after 05 days, we will not issue a refund and your subscription will automatically get cancelled after the expiry of your paid month. For yearly plans - You will be refunded based on the amount of months left. The current month where you raise the request of cancellation will not be refunded. Example - You sign up in January and cancel mid-february, we will refund based on a pro-rata basis of remaining months i.e. 10 months. Refunds will be initiated to your original form of payment.
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